App Localization

No matter what language your app is written in, we'll make it understood all around the world.
What is localization?
Process of adapting your app for a foreign market.
What problems does localization solve?

  • It lets you reach a wider audience and scale up your project
  • It lets you make a name for yourself on new prospective markets
  • It opens up channels for international partnerships
  • Increases LTV (all future profits associated with a customer)
The localization process

Analysis and preparation
  1. Discussing project details
  2. Choosing language pairs
  3. Calculating text volume
  4. Adding important terms to the style guide
  5. Finalizing project specs
  6. Calculating budget and deadlines
  7. Passing on clarifying questions from translators before work begins

Translation and Editing
  1. Assigning your personal manager
  2. Choosing the right native-speaking translators with experience relevant to your area
  3. Suggesting corrections to the source text if any inaccuracies were noted during translation
  4. Reporting any images, colors, symbols, or expressions that may be poorly received by another culture so they can be replaced
  5. Choosing a font that will look great in any language
  6. Proofreading the text with a professional editor

  1. Putting together a separate testing team
  2. Finding all inaccuracies, creating a bug report, and submitting it for approval
  3. Making corrections
  4. Doing regression testing as needed to make sure everything runs like clockwork after changes are made

*Testing is a service purchased separately. One hour of free testing is provided for every 10,000 words in the project.
What we do to earn your trust
Go the next level
We translate into over 40 languages
We select a tailored team to meet the theme of your project and specifics of your text
Work with apps of any complexity
Create a dreamteam
Our base of translators is made up of professionals with 5 years of experience in the app-localization industry
Provide 5-star service
Our managers are always available and will help with any issues
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What is included in the price?
Work with a personal project manager
They oversee the project, know the ins-and-outs of localization, and strive to provide quality and convenience.
Translation by a native speaker
This guarantees that your app will have accurate terminology, expressions, and text arrangement, even in another language.
Proofreading by an editor
All texts are checked by an editor with knowledge of the target language as a way to avoid any grammatical, punctuation, or logical errors.
Final check by a second native speaker
This last step involves a second native speaker looking at the text, as a way to get one more opinion and make sure the final product meets the context and culture.
Our clients
About us
100 years of experience
If you add up the experience of all our employees, you get approximately this number.

Inlingo Apps grew in a separate direction from Inlingo game localization studio. We would regularly get orders to localize non-gaming apps, and as we compiled a base of translators who work in this field, we realized that we had grown into a separate company. We'd already created the infrastructure for this direction, assembled our translator base, and had experienced managers who worked solely on IT projects.

Our company has experience localizing in the gaming industry, fintech, medtech, and other IT spheres. 100 years of experience is a sign that for our team, no task is impossible.
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